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i think having one of little mix’s songs on the new Just Dance 2015 game would be amazing promo for them. all you have to do it go to the OFFICIAL JUST DANCE WEBSITE

here are the steps

1. in the top right hand corner of the website there will be a box that says SONG REQUEST, click on that to create an account

2. once you have created your account, this box will pop up

3. request as many little mix songs as you like, like move, salute or wings. the more upbeat songs, the better. 

4. once you have filled out the entire form, click the SUBMIT button in the bottom left corner, and then you are DONE

its that easy mixers. please reblog this and spread it around so everyone can do this. if you want to know of some other ways to help promote the girls in the upcoming year, click HERE and HERE

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we’ve come together so much as a fandom lately and i don’t want to stop now, so please do ALL of these things.

1. watch MOVE on VEVO i think that if we put a lot of effort into getting move vevo certified, we can do it by chrismtas. which would be amazing, because it would be their 2nd video to be certified.


2. vote for little mix HEREwe are currently in 2nd place behind 1D.


3. send as MANY tweets as you can do the Victoria Secret Twitter Account about getting little mix to perform at this years VS fashion show. when you @ them in the tweet make sure to use the hashtag #LittleMixAtVSFS

example tweet:


4. tweet as MANY tweets as you can to the mtvema twitter account to get the girls nominated for an EMA this year. make sure to tag @SonyMusicUK and @syco​ in your tweets and use the hashtag #LittleMixForEMA2014

example tweest:


alright mixers thats it. PLEASE reblog this and spread this around so we can get everyone involved. we have done so well these past few months with promoting the girls, so if their OWN management team won’t do the job, it’s up to US. 

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mixers listen up. if we want our girls to perform at this years VS fashion show then we need to tweet the VS twitter account non stop. we are already off to a really good start, CONSIDERING, they tweeted about Salute this morning. show YOUR support by RETWEETING THE TWEET. it will show them that there is a lot of interest towards little mix, and it will make their chances of performing even greater. 

RT, FAV @ THEM, DO ANYTHING. like I ALWAYS say, if their management team won’t give them the promotion that they deserve, then it’s up to US.

please reblog this post to spread the news around. !!

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Little Mix Supernatural meme

  • Perrie as an angel of death
An angel of mercy or angel of death is a rare type of criminal offender (often a type of serial killer) who is usually employed as a caregiver and intentionally harms or kills persons under their care.
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Little Mix Meme

Cutest Member: Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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Favorite Perrie Hairstyles